Robinson Crusoe: Mystery Tales

Robinson Crusoe: Mystery Tales is the second expansion for the acclaimed game of castaway survival, Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island! This expansion includes an entirely new way to play, in addition to some familiar components to add variability to your base game. Embark on an expedition where haunting challenges await. Play two new scenarios that will test even the most experienced players! Experience Robinson Crusoe with the all new Horror Mode!

Official release date: April 25th, 2019!

Check out the new rules – read the rulebook!

Components in the box

The box for Mystery Tales is packed with high quality components – you get 7 scenarios in total, multiple decks of cards, piles of tokens and markers, campaign book and a rulebook, as well as the new board tiles!

Horror mode

Mystery Tales expansion introduces an entirely new mode – Horror mode. Take an entirely different journey, and enjoy the increased replayability of the scenarios from the base game – Adventures on the Cursed Island. What’s more, Mystery Tales is introducing new Non-Player Characters – or just NPC’s if you will – who will accompany players while playing either with the use of a Horror mode or going through the Campaign. Once a character dies or goes insane (Yeah, that’s right, the expansion introduces a brand new way to ‘die’), it doesn’t have to mean the end of the game! Now you will be able to choose one of the available NPC’s (that is if any are still alive and well) and flip their card to the other side, and continue with new playable character, so you see, the death of any playable character won’t always end your adventure. However, be warned – this rule does not make the game easier all of a sudden – surviving in the horror mode is a real challenge!

Oh, and keep in mind that if any of your characters go insane – you can bet that they will be back to haunt and probably hurt you. They will create chaos and will do their best to make your life harder with the use of new Insanity Cards, that goes into the Adventure decks.

Immersive campaign “The Lost City of Z”!

Robinson Crusoe: Mystery Tales introduces a new campaign, called The Lost City of Z. It consists of five connected scenarios, that form a complete story.

Mystery Tales is the first Robinson Crusoe expansion that introduces real story choices, presented in a “choose your own adventure” style book. It makes each event that you experience during the game more immersive and interactive. While you are going through the campaign, you will face choices, presented to you in the adventure book, which will have an impact on your game, while you explore the mysterious story behind Col. Fawcett’s expedition.

An entire campaign can be played and discovered many times, while each time you can make different choices, and learn other consequences to your decisions. This campaign can end in either victory or defeat. Are you able to win on your first?

Playing a single scenario will take something between one and two hours. With each scenario that last the same number of rounds, you will need to consider and optimize your moves to win.

9 new characters!

You will find nine new characters for Robinson Crusoe inside the Mystery Tales box. Designed for this expansion, and meant to be used with the new horror mechanics. However, you can use these new characters while playing the scenarios from the base game with the Horror mode.

Some of the new characters are:

Ann Gillespie (psychologist)

Ann is a true professional in her field. With her Therapy ability, that allows you to discard a Condition card – which is a new kind of all the bad things introduced in the Mystery Tales expansion, and probably one of the worst ones. It’s tough to get rid of such a card, so Ann’s ability is one of the best and most precise methods to do so. That’s why you should take good care of her while exploring the jungle.

Roger Kimbsy (officer)

Roger is a military man, an experienced veteran. He knows the Memories skill, which allows him to increase a weapon level permanently. Due to the constant danger during the expedition, and limited time, officer Kimbsy’s ability is one of those useful abilities, that will make everyone safe.

Joachim Glenn (doctor)

Dr. Glenn is known for his healing abilities which without a doubt can save many lives — discarding some Determination tokens to recover a health point? Yeah, that seems about right, that’ the real talent of doctor Joachim. At your service!

Other characters

You can also play with a Preacher, that uses Prayer ability (that heals people while exploring tiles with totem symbols), or an Antique Dealer, that knows Mystic Ceremony (which allows you to get your hands on the new type of Mystery Cards – called Spells). There’s also an Heir with an Extra Baggage ability (that lets you pull out more Starting Equipment cards and increase your resources). The other three characters are as fun and useful as the others, but let’s keep some mystery about them for now!

New event deck!

We have an entirely new and unique event deck for the campaign. With each event being a real challenging for the entire expedition of brave adventurers. All of them should increase your immersion with the story, but for the obvious reasons, we can’t tell more about them since we don’t want to spoil anything!

What’s more, the horror mode also has an event deck, where each card is creating a dark and terryfing atmosphere during the game of Robinson Crusoe. Those events can push your characters to their limits when they lose self-control or go insane. There might be some new, powerful beasts lurking in the darkness, entirely immune to the regular weapons and its damage… The events are going to have a massive impact on your sanity, some even can make your character Delusional. Delusion is yet another new mechanic represented with new tokens, explicitly created for Mystery Tales.

New adventure deck!

Each adventure card, same like events, will help you with the immersion into this new world of horror. Lots of them will have different effects depending on whether or not your character is Delusional. After all, there are dozens of unpleasant surprises awaiting you in the jungle. Worst of all, what if they aren’t? What if it’s only your imagination playing a trick on you? How will that impact your sanity?

New opponents!

Without spoiling too much – we just want to inform you, that you will find a new type of Beast cards in the Mystery Tales, which you can only defeat if you use a special kind of weapon. They have the same backs as the existing Beast cards for a reason, because they are lurking and waiting to strike you when you least expecting it. It means that a typical hunt action may turn quickly into a fight for your life!

New scenarios!

In the Mystery Tales expansion you can find also two, entirely new and unique scenarios for Robinson Crusoe:

Hunt for convicts

This scenario just proves how amazing our fans are. Wojciech Utrata wrote this scenario which you can play both in standard mode and horror mode. Hunt for convicts is a dark story about a ship catastrophe, a ship filled with criminals. The crew ends up on an abandoned island, and they need to round up all of the missing convicts before the help arrives.

In the belly of the beast

All we will say about this one is that it increases the horror mode experience to the maximum. You will face dangerous fanatics, who are worshiping mythical and powerful entities – but are you ready for it?

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One of the best cooperative game of all time, award winning Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island is an adventure game for you and your friends to play as castaways on an uninhabited island. Based on the Game of the Year edition released previously in Poland, Germany, Spain and France it brings this amazing game to the whole new level. Your task is to build a shelter, ward off potential dangers, and complete the missions. There are seven different scenarios included in the box – they will provide you with new, more difficult, and curious ways to play!