The danger ahead

I must admit, after this evening, I’m not as thrilled about the jungle as I was when I decided to join the expedition. From what Father Clemens was telling us, there’s much we need to prepare ourselves for if we want to have any chance of finding Fawcett. Apparently, deep in the jungle among the many tribes that we will probably see and meet, there are a few that won’t be friendly at all; he was even mentioning some cultists!

I know this comes from the mouth of a Preacher, and I could see that not everyone took him seriously. Officer Kimbsy repeatedly told us not to worry, and if we face any danger, he will take care of it. Tommy The Fist was just sitting there with a cigar and a grin on his face. But the way Clemens described those cultists gave me an uneasy feeling. He was saying that most of our standard weapons will be useless against them. He described the Acolytes in such detail, I swear I could see them.

When he started to talk about Sorcerers and Shamans, I feel that he lost even more of the group’s attention. But I was standing there in the dark, leaning over the railing of our ship, listening, and making notes. It’s just a force of habit I guess. He mentioned something about spiral spears that we would need to arm ourselves with to stand even a chance.

Afterward, the rest of the expedition again started talking about Fawcett and why they decided to join the team. Most of them admire the Colonel and want to help his family and retrieve him, but you can tell that some of them just want to make a name for themselves. I didn’t even notice when the preacher disappeared, but some time later he approached me in the dark and handed me a weird looking bottle. “Here,” he said. “You seem like the only one taking me seriously. This water might come in handy if you ever decide to face any of those cultists. Keep it with you at all times!” And he left me standing there with a flask of what I believe was holy water. Like I said, I’m not as thrilled as I was before…

Mike Romero – Journalist