Preparations for the Fawcett’s expedition

May 24th, 1924

Finally, The Royal Geographical Society approved the plans for the next expedition. I’ve decided to take only the people whom I trust. Other than the two Brazilians who will join us at the Cuiabá, I will bring only my son Jack and his close friend Rimmel Raleigh. After seven expeditions to the jungles of Brazil (two of them were strictly dedicated to finding the lost city of ‘Z’), I’m sure that this time we won’t come back empty-handed.

Percy Harrison Fawcett

Thankfully the Society is supporting us with equipment worth over 100 pounds, such as a theodolite, a sextant, an aneroid barometer, and compasses. All of these will be more than helpful and shows that they also believe in our success, which is just outstanding. We have to prepare canned food, mosquito nets, and some other necessary tools before we set sail for America.

We have it all planned out; we will move north from Cuiabá with mules and travel towards Paranatinga. Then we will descend that river with a canoe. After that, through the Xingu straight towards Araguaya, to reach the Imperial fort on the Tocantins, and come out at Barra do Rio Grande on the Sao Francisco River. What I need to do now is prepare Jack (and later his friend when we met in New Jersey) for the extraordinary sights and things that they will experience in the jungle. I watched men stationed with me at war crumble like children under the weight of the wild environment.

Jack Fawcett

Ever since I saw the first signs of the mysterious civilization deep inside the jungle, and read the Manuscript 512 by João da Silva Guimarães, I’m sure it’s there. The ‘Z’ has been troubling me for years already; it’s time to put my mind to rest. It’s time to prove I was right all along. It’s time… for the most excellent adventure yet.


  1. Don Liles
    January 17, 2019

    Really looking forward to dying even further from shore!

  2. Anonymous
    January 17, 2019

    Can’t wait to see what happens on the expedition. Will they find “Z”?

  3. Alex Olivier
    January 17, 2019

    I really can’t tell you how excited I am for this expansion. This is by far my favorite game and I plan on taking a week off from work when I receive my copy so I can savor all of the new scenarios and campaign!

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