We have finally arrived

We’re finally here. After a long journey through the Ocean filled with anxiety for each member, I’m glad that we can finally stretch our legs on the land. At some point, I couldn’t stand the constant suspense, even though I was continually assuring everyone not to worry about our campaign. I’ve explained what I learned at the base, about new areas that we’re about to see and explore. There’s honestly nothing to worry about, with my expertise as the veteran – I’ve been in a tight spot or two many times. So neither the creepy temples nor the pyramids, will stop me.

I’m glad that after all, we are getting off this ship with a positive attitude, and it’s all thanks to that phony journalist Romero. He came through with the idea of the mutual diary that all of us agreed to use. Because we don’t know for sure what this disturbing island holds for us, we want to note everything we see and experience, just in case. We might end up missing as Fawcett did – and with that in mind, it’s better to have something that we would be able to leave behind for others, that follow our footsteps, to see. It was a great idea, and I’m glad that Mike came up with it – maybe not all journalists are useless.

With that in mind, it’s time to decide who’s going in front, and which members will better cooperate with others to form some groups. We don’t have much time, that’s for sure – so we’d better prepare to make the most of it. For sure we will have to figure out a way to get all the Equipment that we’ve received before the departure to move around the jungle. That might not be easy, but surely it must be possible. Anyway, we’ve arrived, we’re here – let’s not waste another second…

Roger Kimbsy – Officer