Third day in the jungle – A warning or an invitation?

April 23rd, 1925

A weird dream troubled me today, and its timing is what confuses me the most. We’ve just left the Cuiabá streets, fully stocked and ready to go through the jungle. It’s been over a month of preparation, double checking all of the necessities. We’ve entered the wilderness and moved forward to the first tribe’s location. We will travel through the first river today. Everything goes according to plan, everything seems to be fine. So why should I be worried about such a ‘warning’?

The dream started with me noticing a big snake in the middle of our camp, the size of which I’ve never seen before! I reached for my blade to kill off the thing – that’s when I noticed Jack, wearing a bizarre necklace. With a smile on his face, he was petting the creature like a stray dog. When I warned him to move away from it, he frowned and said, ‘It’s saying we’re not ready dad; that for our safety we should turn back.’ He looked straight into my eyes – both of them did, Jack and the snake. Both of them said, ‘Fear the failure, Percy…’. I moved backward and tripped over a vine. When I stood up, the scenario changed – I was now in the middle of an ancient room, the walls covered with the dirt and gold fragments underneath. The dirt started to fall off on its own, and the weirdest white paintings appeared in front of me. I knew exactly where I was. I was in the middle of Z.

I’m not sure if I should be worried or excited. Does this dream mean anything? Was that some kind of a warning from the jungle, or was it an incentive? Should I speak with my son about it, or should I ignore it? I’ve never shared that part of the journey with anyone, but whenever I get into the jungle, it starts to speak to me. At least it feels like something is talking to me; this doesn’t happen anywhere else. That’s why I know it’s here, that’s how I know the Z is real – because I can hear it. It is calling to me, and I will find it.